Candler: Servant Leadership seminar

Saturday, July 28 2018, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM [EST]

273 Monte Vista Rd, Candler, North Carolina, United States


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Event Information

Saturday, July 28 2018, 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM [EST]

About the Event


An invitation to Paul Scanlon's Servant Leadership seminar
On Saturday 28th of July at The Rock Church, Candler NC.
10am - 1pm



At the Servant Leadership event I will help you to see at both a macro and micro level how this subject is an idea who's time has come. 

You will leave with a new clarity about how much this matters to our world and be inspired to find your part in the servant leadership revolution. 


We have to stop promoting people to leadership who are not firstly servants. We can all play our part in bringing back servant leadership to our world and in this seminar I will  show you how you can do that. 

Servant leadership is an idea whose time has come. We have given leadership to people who are not servants and we have suffered the consequences of that globally in all spheres of life.
The Arab spring of 2011, Brexit and Donald Trump are all recent examples of a massive grass roots backlash against out of touch leaders who have stopped serving and listening to the very people who elected them.

We feel lead but not served and we want and deserve both from our leaders. 
A new leadership revolution is dawning and at it's core is servant hood. When leaders serve it firstly produces more servants not more leaders and from that servant culture the greatest leaders of the future will emerge.


Session one - An idea whose time has come

Timing matters because an idea ahead of or after it's time by definition far less interesting, relevant or influential.

Ideas borrow huge strength and momentum from timing. 

Timing is everything when it comes to ideas and so much that is happening in the world today makes the idea of servant leadership so relevant and desperately needed. In this session we will look at how we have misunderstood the words servant and leader and how to reconcile them back in mainstream leadership. 

Session two - 5 reasons for the decline of Servant Leadership and how to restore it

To properly understand servant leadership we first need to understand how we ended up with such a huge absense of it in contemporary society. 

Each cause of decline also contains the key to it's restoration. We shall look at my current top five reasons and learn from them.

1. The loss of community

2. The rise of mega institutions

3. The dominance of external power 

4. Coercive power 

5. Our broken education system


9.45am - Doors open

10.00am - Session one

11.00am - Tea & Coffee break

11.30am - Session two

12.30pm - Q&A

1.00pm - Seminar finishes





Cancellation policy

You can get a refund if more than 2 weeks before the event at 80% refund 

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About the Organizer

Paul has been empowering and growing people for over 30 years. I believe that everyone has huge but often untapped potential and helping them to discover and release that is my passion. Paul’s Communication Masterclasses are one of his signature events that now take place globally. His conviction is that people are the best idea God ever had and his gift in expressing that is in demand all over the world.